Tour of Remembrance


See below for an explanation of the AIMS of the Tour of Remembrance and links to all the LEARNING MATERIALS.

Learning Materials for the Tour of Remembrance

How to get Rem Anthem Sent
  1. Click to download the FREE  Activity Pack for the Tour of Remembrance 
  2. Visit SoundCloud to hear the Original Version of The Remembrance Anthem recorded by Sarah Dennis. Click Here
  3. Click here to download the MP3's of the Original Version and Backing Track
  4. Click here to download the PDF of the Sheet Music for the Remembrance Anthem
  5. Click Here to access the Rehearsal Track for the Remembrance Anthem


The Tour of Remembrance 2014 onwards...

Promoting the Survival of Remembrance Across Future Generations

Aims of the Tour of Remembrance :-

Develop a deeper understanding of the importance of remembrance and the price paid for our freedom amoungst the younger generations

Raise much needed funds to help support the many charities that support our veterans

Why is it necessary?

To ensure that when our last WW2 Veteran Dies, Remembrance does NOT die

How will the Tour of Remembrance Achieve this?

Campaign which targets our school children and young citizens

Raise the profile of Remembrance in our schools and educational institutions via THE Nomination of Remembrance Ambassadors each year

Encourage connections between the local veterans’ associations and charities with the children of the schools in their locality

Engage the children in interesting educational Remembrance activities

Enable them to honour the fallen heroes through song, poetry and art

Encourage them to give something back by helping charities who support our current veterans and serving military personnel

Veterans Sweetheart Singing Tour - Sarah Dennis The Veterans Sweetheart is targeted to

Raise funds for any Military or Veterans Charity

Raise the profile of the Tour of Remembrance via gigs and events and school project visit days.